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Course Requirements
This course is designed for delegates who have used Microsoft Windows, but are new to Excel 2013

In this course, delegates will use Excel 2013 to create spreadsheets and workbooks that can be used to store, manipulate and share data. The course covers the key topics required by users of this software, including the brand new features of this version, with lots of in-depth explanations, step by step instructions, key questions and group and individual activities.

Who Should Attend
This course is intended for delegates who wish to gain the preliminary understanding of Excel 2013 that is necessary to create and work with computer-based spreadsheets.


Course Content


Ø  Selecting Help

Introduction to the Excel Screen

Ø  The screen

Ø  The ribbon

Ø  Cell address and formula bar

Ø  Mode indicator

Ø  Sheet tabs

Ø  The active cell

Ø  Row and column headings

Ø  The spreadsheet

The Workbook

Ø  Inserting a new sheet

Ø  Deleting a sheet

Moving in the Worksheet

Ø  Positioning with the mouse

Ø  Scroll bars

Finding your way around a spreadsheet

Ø  Worksheet navigation

Ø  Freezing panes

Ø  Splitting the screen

Ø  Scrolling two spreadsheets side-by-side

Entering Text and Labels

Ø  Text entry

Ø  Automatic alignment

Text Enhancement

Ø  Alignment

Ø  Formatting Text

Entering and Formatting Values

Ø  Entering values

Ø  Formatting values

Entering Dates

Ø  Formatting Dates

File Handling

Ø  Save/Save As

Entering Formulae


Ø  What is a formula

Ø  Creating a formula

Ø  Circular references

Ø  Editing calculations

Working with Ranges

Ø  Selecting ranges with a mouse

Ø  Selecting ranges with a keyboard

Using Built-In Simple Functions

Ø  Max, Min, Average, Count, IF

Formatting the Sheet

Ø  Column width

Ø  Row height

Ø  Borders and shading

Ø  Autoformat

Ø  Format painter

Copying and Moving

Ø  Copy text

Ø  Cut (move) text

Ø  Paste text

Ø  Auto fill

Page Setup

Ø  Scaling

Ø  Orientation

Ø  Margins

Ø  Gridlines


Ø  Select a printer

Ø  Print preview

Ø  Printing the spreadsheet

Appendix A: New Features in Excel 2013

Ø  The Ribbon

Ø  The Quick Access Toolbar

Ø  The Mini toolbar

Ø  New argument and function features

Ø  Function and Named Ranges shortcuts

Course Curriculum

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