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This one-day course introduces new users to PowerPoint to teach them how to get the most out of PowerPoint’s powerful features. Users will be able to customise and style presentations, create sophisticated on-screen slideshows and print their presentations. Specially prepared exercises will provide hands-on experience of using PowerPoint, enabling users to work quickly and confidently

Target Audience
New and recent users of PowerPoint who want to expand and consolidate their knowledge of the application.

A basic understanding of PCs and familiarity with the layout of a PC style keyboard, mouse/touchpad, and Windows is required, gained either by previous experience or by attendance on a “Windows Fundamentals” course.


Course objectives
These course objectives familiarise delegates with the topics to be covered and provide a means for them to evaluate their learning. Upon successful completion of this course delegates will be able to: –
• Use PowerPoint 2016 to create, save & open presentations
• Work with various slide formats and styles
• Use formatting and proofing tools to enhance presentations
• Work with pictures and drawings
• Create slideshows
• Print slides and Handouts


Getting Started with PowerPoint
• Starting PowerPoint
• The PowerPoint Screen
• Principles of Presentation Design
• Using Task Panes
• Navigating Between PowerPoint Views
• Zooming In and Out; Exiting PowerPoint

Working with Text Slides
• Create a blank presentation /add and delete slides
• Create a specific type of slide Change the layout of a slide
• Enter, edit, move and copy text
• Promote and demote text in Normal and Outline views
• Modify slide sequence in Outline view
• Import text from Microsoft Word
• Create a text box for entering text
• Recover a presentation in the event of a crash
• Save and Close a presentation

Editing a Presentation
• Working with multiple presentations
• Select, move, resize, delete and copy PowerPoint objects
• Use the Office Clipboard
• Undo, redo and repeat edits
• Change the order of slides in Slide Sorter view

Formatting and Proofing Tools
• Using fonts and formatting for a slideshow
• Change text fonts/case/alignment
• Change paragraph and line spacing
• Graphical and AutoNumber bullets
• Use the Format Painter to copy formatting
• Find and replace text/ check spelling

Working with Pictures and Drawings
• Working with pictures and WordArt
• Working with basic shapes and AutoShapes
• Move, rotate, align, distribute, group, scale, and size objects
• Place, wrap and format text inside a shape
• Apply formatting to different shapes

Creating a Slide Show
• Start a slide show on any slide
• Get Help during a slideshow
• Use on-screen navigation tools
• Animate text and objects

Printing Slides and Handouts
• Select an output format for a presentation
• Preview the presentation in Print Preview
• Preview a presentation in black and white and grayscale
• Print slides in a variety of formats
• Add and print speaker notes and audience handouts


Course Duration 9.30am to 4.30pm

Course Curriculum

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