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Speak confidently anywhere!
If you want to succeed both in business or in your personal life you have to be able to talk to people whether it be to colleagues, employees, friends or strangers. A key skill in business is the ability to present to audiences or teams.

Overcoming your fears about presenting really is so easy. In fact, many great speakers and performers have been able to transcend fear and become successful politicians, corporate giants, speech makers, lecturers, teachers, and entertainers.

This fun programme covers every aspect of putting together a first-class presentation from start to finish and is ideal for anyone who has never had to present information before or wishes to improve their performance. It gives them superior presentation skills and enables them to use a variety of resources and techniques.

Who is this course for?
Anyone in a customer facing, supervisory or sales role, who wishes to develop their confidence and presentation skills and behaviours. This course is also perfect for leaders or managers who wish to see their ability to influence massively increase.

Just some of the topics covered:
• Different types of presentation.
• The 4 essential things you MUST know before you even start
• The process of designing a presentation.
• The process of delivering a presentation.
• Different modalities of an audience
• Using a range of resources effectively
• Adjusting your presentation to suit audience size
• The use of tonality, modulation and paralinguistics
• Dealing with questions, interruptions and hecklers
• Delivering bad news professionally
• Overcoming nerves
• How to achieve volume without shouting
• Influencing secrets of the professionals

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