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What or Who is Win Training?

Win Training is owned and operated by Julie Mallam ( and and her team of staff who have many years experience in the Training industry.  The idea of Win Training was prompted as a result of both the training we provide via WinCRM and our expertise in marketing via Win Business.  We felt that there needed to be more of an environment where Trainers and Consultants can come together and showcase their profiles in a professional way, be able to create and display their courses easily and have the option to market themselves via emarketing and social media with the help of Win Training.  We also offer a secure environment for Trainers and Consultants to communicate via our forums in an effective and rewarding way.

Win Training is an online resource specifically for Trainers and Consultants to showcase their profiles, upload their courses and generally market themselves in a better way than perhaps they have been able to in the past.  We are happy for external links to be placed in your profile and we are not adverse to you displaying your own brand on our site.  You can have direct contact with anyone interested in you or any of your courses and we offer a secure forum where you can ask questions or share ideas in a secure environment.  We only accommodate profiles for Trainers and Consultants based in the UK.  Grab your free basic subscription here

Win Training is also an online resource for people looking to book a course – the system is very easy to navigate and find relevant courses by category, location, pricing and many more filtering options.  People can contact the trainer or consultant directly, book online or click through to an external link to complete their booking process and we offer a secure forum where you can ask questions or share ideas in a secure environment.  We are constantly striving to promote the website to benefit both Trainers, Consultants and people looking to book courses.

Is it free for people looking for courses or workshops to attend?

Yes – it’s completely free to browse our site and contact the trainers or consultants directly. You then just book your selected course and pay the trainer or consultant directly or some courses you have the option to purchase via our website.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes – although we really hope you are happy with our services should you decide to cancel then you can cancel your subscription at any time yourself by either cancelling within your PayPal account or emailing or calling us on +44 1244 940047.  If you have a 12 month paid subscription where you have paid up front the full or discounted amount we will refund pro rata the subscription amount due for refund.  You are never locked into any subscription and you have the ability to cancel the subscription yourself at any time.  Should you cancel your account will revert back to a free basic subscription and all additional services from our premium subscriptions will cease accordingly.

How can a Trainer or Consultant benefit from joining Win Training?

Win Training benefits from internal advertising and promotion from our two sister companies WinCRM and Win Business so we are constantly looking at ways to increase traffic to the site and promote your courses to the right target market helping you to fill seats at your courses and events. By subscribing to a paid profile you have access directly to the Trainer portal where you can create and manage your courses, interact with people interested in your course and include external links back to your website and personal/business social media platforms.

For our Basic subscription you can have a free basic directory listing on the website which includes your name, email, telephone, company (if applicable), website, your skillset areas, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profile and a short summary about yourself.  You can also upload a profile picture of yourself too!

To unleash many more options for your profile such as course management and emarketing/promotional options you can opt into a subscription package at any time – more information on our paid for subscriptions can be found below or you can upgrade here

For our Plus subscription you have all of the above included in the Basic subscription plus the ability to create and manage your courses.  We currently have a limit of 20 courses you may create on the site however this may be subject to change in the near future.

For our Pro subscription you have all of the above included in Basic and Plus and we also send emarketing campaigns out (1x per month).  We create the emailer and you will be featured in the emailer to promote your profile and course with a maximum of 6 other trainers also being promoted on the same email. We can guarantee that no email you will be included in will have any other trainers or consultants advertising the same type of skillset.  For example – you could be included in an emailer featuring 1 to 5 other Trainers or Consultants and none of them will be promoting your skillset/course (only you!).  Full reporting on numbers sent to, opens, click throughs to your profile will be provided to you at the end of each campaign and you will also be included in the email campaign so you will receive a copy of the actual emailer at time of broadcast.

For our Expert subscription you have all of the above included in Basic, Plus and Pro however we send emarketing campaigns out (2x per month) which are bespoke only to you and promoting yourself (ie. there are no other Trainers or Consultants included in the email) so “it’s all about you”!  Full reporting on numbers sent to, opens, click throughs to your profile will be provided to you at the end of each campaign and you will also be included in the email campaign so you will receive a copy of the actual emailer at time of broadcast.

Our contact form on the website and various other landing pages capture peoples interest for Training courses they may be looking for.  We distribute these leads specifically  to Trainers and Consultants in who have an Expert subscription which match your skillsets which means we do not send all leads to everyone – you will only receive leads if you match the skillsets that prospects are specifically looking for so not to waste both your time and the prospects time.  You can then contact the prospect directly to nurture/sell accordingly. We cannot guarantee you will receive bookings or interest in your courses but we certainly strive for exposure in the training course market using our marketing skills to promote your profile and courses.

Can I upload my profile picture or logo?

Yes even our free basic subscription plan allows you to upload your logo and/or other images you may wish to upload.

Can I upload a large number of courses?

Yes – if you have a subscription with us contact us to receive an excel spreadsheet so you can populate for bulk uploads.

What options do I have for linking to courses listed on another site when I have a paid subscription?

When you have a paid subscription you can add courses and link the course button to an external link/website so you can continue the process/application on another site OR you can have people purchase via the Win Training website (subject to prior agreement with us and this has a small commission charge for the transactions to be administered) OR you can make the course button “express your interest”or “apply for this course” so interested people can send an automated contact me email to you so you can then contact them directly.

Can I upgrade my subscription at any time?

Yes – you can upgrade at any time by clicking on the “Upgrade My Account” button whilst logged into the portal or by emailing us at or call us on +44 1244 940047 so we can set this up for you. Alternatively you can visit to complete your purchase online at any time.

Can I add a link from my website to Win Training?

Yes – we would love you to do this – contact us for simple instructions on how to do this.

Can delegates contact me directly?

Yes – delegates and/or interested attendees can contact you directly using your email address link or send you a personal message via the portal if you are have a paid subscription.

I am looking for a Trainer – how does Win Training benefit me?

Our easy to use site allows you to search for training courses, workshops or consultants across the United Kingdom, filter depending on location, level of training, duration and cost. This service is provided free of charge and the only time you register your information is if you purchase a course via our website otherwise you can contact the trainer or consultant directly without charge from Win Training.

My skillset is not included in any set area of expertise – am I able to add this?

Yes – just contact us so we can add your skillset to our categories list.

Is my data/information secure?

Yes – we fully comply with UK data legislation and we can guarantee your contact details are never passed onto anyone else.

Can I have additional advertising on the Win Training website?

Yes – we have a very limited number of advertising options outside of our standard subscription options so please contact us for more information.  Advertising starts at £50 per month for banner adverts and increases for larger page adverts.

Can I remove my profile from the site?

Yes – you can log into your profile and click on “delete account”.  Win Training also reserve the right to remove profiles which do not meet our specified criteria.

How can I contact you should I have any other questions about becoming a Win Trainer or Consultant or purchasing a course you have advertised?

Feel free to contact the relevant Trainer or Consultant listed for each course or workshop directly – however you can always email us at or call us on +44 1244 940047.

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