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Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction (one day)


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Microsoft Excel 2016 – Introduction

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This one-day course introduces the delegates to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Excel 2016. It is designed for the computer users who are new to spreadsheets and are going to use Excel occasionally.

Target Audience
New or intending users of Excel who want to gain a good understanding of the software in a short space of time.

A basic understanding of PCs and familiarity with the layout of a PC style keyboard, mouse/touchpad, and Windows is required, gained either by previous experience or by the attendance of a “Windows Fundamentals” course.

Course objectives
This course introduces the delegate to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Microsoft Excel 2016. It is designed for those computer users who are new to spreadsheets or are only going to use Excel occasionally.

These course objectives familiarise delegates with the topics to be covered and provide a means for them to evaluate their learning. Upon successful completion of this course delegates will be able to: –
• Use Excel 2016 to create, save & open spreadsheets
• Enter & edit information in worksheets
• Use formulas & functions to add, subtract, multiply & divide numbers
• Enhance worksheets with fonts and borders
• Format numbers & resize cells
• Preview & print spreadsheets
• Create, save & format a Chart
• Work with Graphics


• Introducing Backstage View
• Finding commands on Excel’s Ribbon
• Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
• The Excel Screen layout
• Cell References
• Opening & Saving Files
• Entering Data in the Worksheet
• Changing Data

Using the Worksheet
• Selecting Cells
• Adjusting Columns or Rows
• Inserting & Deleting Rows and Columns
• Using AutoFill
• Moving Data

Formulas & Functions
• Creating Simple Formulas
• Using Simple Functions
• Using the Spell Checker

Formatting Worksheets
• Formatting Data in Cells
• Aligning Cells
• Merging cells
• Using Cell Styles

Printing Worksheets
• Displaying spreadsheets in Page Layout view
• Previewing the Worksheet before printing
• Using Headers & Footers
• Using Page Break View
• Controlling Printouts
• Printing the Worksheet

Working with Charts
• Understanding Charts
• Creating Charts
• Selecting Chart Types
• Showing Data Values in a Chart
• Changing the Chart Scale

Keyboard shortcuts
• Keyboard shortcuts and error codes


Course Duration 9.30am to 4.30pm

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June, July, August


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