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Microsoft Word 2016 Introduction (one day)

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Microsoft Word 2016 – Introduction

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This one-day course introduces users to Microsoft Word. Users will learn how to create, modify and print documents. This ‘hands-on’ course includes specially prepared exercises that give participants practical experience of using the features of Word to create professional looking documents.

Target Audience
New or intending users of Word who want to gain a good understanding of the software in a short space of time

A basic understanding of PCs and familiarity with the layout of a PC style keyboard, mouse/touchpad, and Windows is required, gained either by previous experience or by the attendance of a “Windows Fundamentals” course.

Course objectives
These course objectives familiarise delegates with the topics to be covered and provide a means for them to evaluate their learning. Upon successful completion of this course delegates will be able to: –
• Use Word 2016 to create, save & open documents
• Work with page layouts and formatting documents
• Work with proofing tools
• Use productivity tools, Autocorrect, and Autotext
• View and print documents


Getting Started with Word
• Starting Word; Word opening Screen
• Basic Word On–screen features

Creating Documents
• Creating a New Document and

Entering Text
• Opening, Saving and Closing Files
• Deleting Files; Creating a New Folder

Editing Documents
• Document Views; Moving the Insertion Point
• Editing Text; Undo and Redo,

Case Conversion
• Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

Moving and Copying Text
• Cut, Copy & Paste, Use Drag & Drop to move and copy text.
• Opening Multiple Documents and Using Panes

Working with Margins and Paragraphs
• Setting Margins, Align text in paragraphs
• Applying and Removing Paragraph Formats

Working with Fonts
• The Formatting Toolbar and Format Painter
• The Font Dialogue Box

Viewing and Printing Documents
• Landscape Printing and Paper Size
• Setting Page Breaks
• Printing & Print Preview

Bullets and Numbering
• Applying Bullets and Numbering to Text

Borders, Lines, and Shading
• Adding & Removing Borders and Shading

Proofing Tools
• Using the Spell-Checking Tools
• Using the Thesaurus
• Using Browse
• Using Go To
• Finding & Replace text

Productivity Tools
• AutoCorrect/ AutoText/AutoFormatting

• Creating and modifying basic tables
• Splitting & Merging Cells
• Applying borders to tables


Course Duration 9.30am to 4.30pm

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June 25th


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